About Us


The Indian feed is an initiative to bring the goodness and positivity to the audience from all around the world. The mainstream media portrays what is happening in the society, the highlight being the negative aspects. The Indian feed was founded to help see the positive side. The Indian feed team features inspiring and positive stories that matter to each one of us along with amazing content that people identify with and love to read. We strive to curate the content that can create a concrete, positive change in a person’s life in whatever way possible. The stories are selected in such a way that they force one to give a second thought. We are trying to build a community of people who are eager to learn, enrich, connect, share and uplift. We put in our best foot forward to bring you the news as it should be, reflecting the society in the true sense. We wish to spark a transformation in one and all. So let the positive vibes reach out and let the goodness spread !


Pen is a very light thing to carry in hand, but the responsibility it bestows on a writer’s shoulder is immense. And this is what THE INDIAN FEED believes in. We write not to entertain people, rather we intend at bringing a major and much needed change around us. Young minds of India are tamed so well since childhood that they seldom bother/dare to question something seeming wrong, if it bears the tag of ‘tradition’. But how can a dynamic system like ‘mind’ can so easily give up and get acclimatized to these ‘stereotypes’, in disguise of tradition and culture? So we decided to knock open a window for our readers through which they can look much beyond the validity of these stereotypes. Questioning Indian tradition is not our goal, though at times it is misinterpreted to be so. But we too point at where youth goes wrong. Our soul motto is to inculcate in people’s mind that don’t follow something because you have to, but because you should. Raise your voice. Speak up. Shout. Ask. Create a trend. The love we have been receiving from our readers and guest writers assures us our success.  At last, it’s the thought of millions being penned down by some. A platform to ask all your prohibited questions and answer the obvious ones. It is a horizon, yet to expand. Much beyond. Much far.