A few days back we had shared the story of a man breaking the taboo by marrying a gangrape survivor. Here is one more beautiful story from Mumbai where an acid attack survivor got married to love of her life. What adds to the beauty of the story is the fact that the couple came in touch with each other just three months back through a phone call which was dialed accidentally.One wrong number, three months of phone calls, proposal and a lover who was all ready to shatter the stereotypes and taboos is all it took to seal their fate.


On Tuesday evening, the 25-year-old acid attack survivor Lalita bansi, tied the knot with Ravi Shankar Singh (27), a CCTV operator from Malad, at D’ Silva Technical College, Dadar.“Ms. Bansi had accidentally dialled my number about three months ago. I then called her back after 15 days. We spoke and I fell in love with her voice. Our conversations continued on a daily basis and in the process, I proposed to her,” Mr. Singh said to The Hindu.

The bride Bansi had already informed Ravi during their initial conversations that she is an acid attack survivor.But I told her I was in love with her and would like to get married. Many couples fall in love with their partners’ face and eventually get divorced. With Ms. Bansi, I am not concerned about her face. She is a sweet person. I wish god blessed us for a lifetime,” The Hindu quotes Ravi Singh.


“Bansi was attacked with acid in 2012 by his cousin when she acted as a mediator and tried to stop a minor family fight between her younger brother Sunny and her cousin Sham Babu. She was in Azamgarh for her cousin’s wedding during that time. She continued to stay in Azamgarh as her marriage was scheduled after five months. Fifteen days prior to her scheduled marriage, Mr. Babu threw acid on her face, as revenge for slapping him.Ms. Bansi has undergone 17 surgeries at Bombay Hospital and will be undergoing another 12 in the coming months.” told Daulat Bi khan, founder of Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation which is supporting Bansi.

The wedding was sponsored by many people. Rushikesk Kadam, founder of Udyami Maharashtra and his friends decided to help her by sponsoring her wedding and made arrangements for the food, banquet hall, decoration ,honeymoon package, and will also be gifting the bride several sarees. Bollywood Actor and philanthropist Vivek Oberoi gifted the couple an apartment in Thane. He has also agreed to pay for her surgeries.

“I wish they stay happy together. He (Rahul) loves her truly. He was telling me that their love story is filmy. It was a wrong number and then they became friends. Now they are starting a new life. Lalita is a strong girl. I met Lalita when we had an awareness program held by Sahas foundation,” said Vivek

We salute the step taken by Ravi and his family and wish the newly wed couple a happy married life. This story proves that some love stories are made of pure love and their are still people who believe in the concept of inner beauty instead of treating women as objects.

featured image source : Chirag

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