Ever wondered how much we have studied in our elementary institutions about those who have been displaced from their home-towns and their place of living and ever wondered how we would react if we encounter them?
A group of people surely didn’t. Snatching their homeland was not enough so they killed one putting allegation that he stole rice, why? Because of Hunger. And did he deserve death?

In an Indian context, one group of the Indigenous community which has been thrown out of their homeland was known as Adivasi – which means Adi – Beginning and vas – Dweller bringing to its original meaning as Original Inhabitants.

One was seen in Kerala’s Attappady in Palakkad District and in a picture uploaded on social media with one person smiling in the camera and taking a selfie, it can be seen that his hands were tied by a shirt and later he was hit consistently by sticks – an apparent cause to his death.

— DKris (@divekrish) February 22, 2018

It can be witnessed to what level our society has fallen.

The person who uploaded the selfie was Ubaid. His Facebook profile states him to be a student at the University of Calicut and a resident of Mannarkkad. Whether or not he has been taken into custody is still a question unanswered.

Madhu died in the police van when he was taken to a hospital. He was a 27-year-old tribal youth of Kaduka Manna region who was caught by a group of people. 2 were eventually arrested on account of the case and several others are being questioned.
After this incident, a public protest was held which demanded the arrest of the accused and BJP called for Bandh at Mannarkkad taluk.

Very rightly and logically, Usha Punathil, a former employee at the Attapady Hills Area Development Society, expressed her shock and anger at the incident. “After stealing the land and everything the Adivasis owned and made legislation for all that, now an Adivasi is beaten to death,” she wrote on Facebook. “He had nowhere to go when he was attacked. An Adivasi is killed accused of stealing food, then how should we, who have stolen everything from them, be killed?”

Madhu’s body has been taken to the Agali government hospital for autopsy. Agali Deputy SP N Subrahmaniyan said the tribal youth was mentally challenged and used to stay in the forest.

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