For any country, it’s the soldiers who keep the borders safe from enemy countries. But its the Police who keep people safe from the internal fringe elements. Like soldiers, they are also not afraid of risking their lives for the well being of the common citizen. And we are not just talking about Indian police because ‘Police’ is not just an official designation, it’s a responsibility that goes far beyond anything.

One such incident which happened in Kabul, Afghanistan is garnering applauds from all over the world. An Afghan Police Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha saved many innocent lives when he stopped a suicide bomber from committing a public massacre.

On 16th October many VIPs, high-rank officers, and civilians gathered at a political event in Kabul. At the checking post Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha suspected one person of being a suicide bomber. Pacha tried to stop the bomber but he started running towards the crowd. Seeing no other option, Lieutenant Pacha stopped him by hugging him so that he couldn’t harm anyone. There was no sign of hesitation when Pacha did this brave act. The bomber had explosive vest inside his coat.

According to the police spokesman Basir Mujahed, fourteen people, including Lieutenant Pacha and seven other police officers as well as six civilians were killed and 18 others were wounded.On the sacrifice of Lt. Pacha he commented, “He’s a hero, he saved many lives. All seven of those policemen are heroes but especially him. Just think if that suicide attacker got past the gate, what would have happened, you cannot even imagine.”

My son sacrificed himself to save other people,” said Lt. Pacha’s father who is also a police commander. “He was always worried about victims, but he never thought that one day he would get killed,” said his longtime friend, Sayed Najib Asil.

We salute the sacrifice of brave policemen like Lt. Pacha who never think before risking their lives for the betterment of the nation.

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