Yesterday we reported how a 16-year-old minor was gang-raped and killed on NH 91 in Bulandsahr when she was returning from her tuition.While we were debating how these monsters have crossed all the limits of inhumanity, suddenly popped up another news from our neighbour Pakistan which reaffirmed our belief that no girl in this world is safe, irrespective of the country or place.

Pakistan is on a boil after the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in Kasur area of northeast Pakistan.The riots and protests have rocked the country in last 24 hours to such an extent that police had to open fire on the protestors leading to the death of two.

According to Dawn, the girl’s family had filed a missing report, but she was found dead after the brutal sexual assault.The 7 years old girl Zainab Ansari was brutally raped and murdered in Pakistan’s Kasur town.

Zainab disappeared last week while she was on her way to a place in the neighbourhood, she visited for Quranic studies. Later on Tuesday, her body was recovered in a waste-yard in Kasur.The little girl’s parents were away for pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia and returned Pakistan on Wednesday and were unable to attend their child’s funeral prayers. “I have nothing to say, I just want justice for my daughter,” the mother was quoted as saying by Dawn.

In response to the above incident, a Pakistan TV actor went on air with her little daughter to show the pain of a mother and the whole Pakistan.“Today I’m not your host Kiran Naz. I’m a mother and that is why I’m sitting here with my daughter.”She started the program with these words.

It is said that the smaller the corpse, the heavier it feels. Today, a tiny corpse is lying on the streets of Kasur and entire Pakistan is crushed under its weight… This day marks the funeral of humanity,’ an emotional Naz said in her monologue


The Samaa TV reporter Kiran Naz tried to explain the emotions in her hard-hitting words.

Kiran further said:”While Zainab’s parents were wishing for her long life, some monster was cutting the thread of her life. While they were waiting to meet their young daughter, someone was separating them forever.

Ranting against the inefficiency of police force she said,”Committees will be set up, inquiries will be held but Zainab doesn’t need your justice. Her justice will be delivered on the judgment day when the little girl will get up from her grave and ask ‘why was I killed?‘”

We don’t think anything remains to say after this heart-wrenching rant by Kiran, we just pray for the peace of little soul!

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