Gurugram: A video went viral on the social media, where a middle-aged woman was seen passing misogynist and incorrect remarks on another couple of women, who according to the former were dressed inappropriately. The situation became furious when she asked the male strata around that they should rape women like them.

The accused recently took on to social media to apologize for the comments she made on the other women. In her apology, the accused woman stated that she was “harsh and incorrect” in her statements. The apology was made on her Facebook account and she has deleted all her social media accounts post that.


She writes, “I extend an unconditional apology to all the girls. In hind sight, I realise, I was harsh and incorrect in my statement. If any, I should have offered my opinion in private. I was concerned, however, I realise that I should have been protective and progressive in my outlook and not conservative and regressive.”

She adds, “As a wife, sister and a mother and more importantly as a woman, I value ever woman’s dignity. Once again, I profusely apologise to all women who’s sentiments have been hurt.”

The woman essentially states that she was acting out of concern but admits that she should have kept her views to herself. The incident occurred at a restaurant named Nukkadwala when the accused got up and allegedly asked the seven men present there to rape girls like them. Not only that, she equated their character with the length of the dresses they wore and further left the eatery to go to a mall.

That’s not where the patriarchal fight of the other women ended. They followed her to the mall, recorded her and asked her to apologize.

But the accused was adamant, she looked into the camera and said, “these ladies want to wear short to short dress to encourage all”. Adding to her comment, she asked the parents of the women filming the video to teach them “tameez” and to support her instead.

Neither did the fight end there nor the accused apologized. Post this, the women uploaded the video on Instagram, and within minutes it took off like fire on the social media. Instagram even took it off from everybody’s stories post the backlashing received for the statement the accused made.

No matter how advanced we are in terms of our education or how tech-savvy are we, until unless equality is served, we will still remain behind many, if not all. If a woman can’t stand up for another, then this is the biggest example of brutalization we as women face. Feminism starts with women, together and with people who are still stuck into the roots of patriarchy are only holding us against equality. The Indian Feed urges every woman out there to fight for yourself, fight for other women, fight for feminism and fight for equality. Stand together, women.


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