Agriculture as a profession in India is seasonal and has been often unprofitable for our hardworking farmers, forcing a majority of them to migrate or find an alternative source of livelihood. But what about the ones who are still committed to their lands and farming?

After investing thousands of rupees and working day and night for months, they yet fail to get an appropriate amount of money for their produce.


According to the Hindustan newspaper, Rajendra Bawake, a farmer, got paltry of 20 paise per kg of brinjal he sold in the market.

In Rahata taluk, Ahmednagar, the farmers trashed their own produce because selling them in the market was not making them any profit.

Bawake told Hindustan, “I had sown seeds in about 2 acres of land and had laid out proper pipes for drip irrigation. I’d invested Rs. 2,00,000 in manure, pesticides, fertilizers and various other techniques but my revenue generation was only Rs. 65,000.”

He also mentioned that he has a loan of Rs. 35,000 which needs to be repaid, but because he received nothing more than 20 paise per kg of his produce in Gujarat and Maharashtra, he was left disappointed and that triggered him to ruin his own crops.

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The agitation of farmers came in a couple of days later when a farmer in Nashik sold his entire produce and sent his meagre income to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund as a mark of protest.
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