Let’s admit the fact that the people from “Mainland India” have always been ignorant towards NorthEast states. Some of us might not even know the names of all 8 NorthEast Indian states. If celebrities like Priyanka Chopra can give ignorant and ill-informed statements like Sikkim being an “insurgency-hit” state on an international platform what else can we expect from others?

Adding to our ignorance sometimes we also bracket NorthEast people with “Chinese” or “Nepalese” due to their looks. Many incidents have been reported about NorthEast Indians being denied entry somewhere because they dont look like “Indians” or look like “foreigners”.

In an incident that has come to light, a Northeastern girl YouTuber and someone working in the hospitality industry Manjita Chanu was first denied entry at Agra’s Baby Taj aka Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah.


Here’s the post that she has shared on her Facebook page narrating her ordeal:

“They again called a Northeast girl foreigner and didn’t allow to enter in Agra Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah.Recently I went Agra with my friend and his younger brother, I gave my phone to her brother to shoot the video.

Recently I went to Agra with my friend and her younger brother, I gave my phone to her brother to shoot the video.They did not allow me to go and keep on saying me a foreigner and asked me to pay more money, even though I could speak good Hindi.They were rude very rude. While shooting the video this man denied showing his identity card when my friend told that we will put this on YouTube.

And there was also no ladies security guard present, the security man tried to check my bag but I denied because I had some personal stuff and I asked for a security guard but they said she is having lunch. I waited for long and then I said I am getting late I have my train to Delhi, tell me where she is, I will personally go and let her check my bag.

The police security guard showed me the direction.We went there but no one was present. Far away there was an old lady talking with a guy she didn’t look like a security guard when I asked her she said,” I am a cleaning worker here”. I was very upset, I asked another security guard,”what’s going on?”.We start arguing and they let us go without checking my bag I was shocked again.

Is this the land of my India? Am I #safe here or not ??”


It’s not the guard who is responsible for her ordeal, it’s us who have collectively failed to create an awareness about NorthEast states and their vibrant culture.We hope the ignorance ends soon!

(Manjita’s Post has been edited for clarity)

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