Sheroes, a cafe in Agra is back again in news, this time not ’cause it’s managed by 10 acid attack victims but because of their business being affected.
A part of Sheroes was demolished by the municipality on July 11 for broadening of Fatehabad road under the smart city project.

The cafe was running on a small rented place and the employers were running their houses with its income. They are now requesting the Government to relocate them ’cause their business is getting adversely affected and they need money not only for their houses but the income takes care of their medical expenses and surgeries as well.


“We are facing great difficulty as the space we have is limited and the guests feel uncomfortable in such a small space. There’s also no space to park the cars now,” said Rupa, the manager of the cafe to NDTV.
Standing up for them, the former chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav tweeted on Saturday that the present Government neglected the problems the survivors would face.
Speaking to the TOI, spokesperson of Sheroes cafe, Ketan Dixit said, “The space we have left now is limited and guests feel uncomfortable. We no longer have space for parking. The civic body has asked us to vacate the café, saying further demolition will take place in the coming days. We need to relocate as soon as possible. We will bring the matter to the notice of senior officials and request help.”


The Government should have given a thought before demolishing something which represents inclusion on a different level. They could have relocated their cafe before destroying a part of it, at least then they wouldn’t have to incur extra expenses. And, now that they have already, they should be supportive enough to compensate them with whatever it takes, a place and the expenses that they had to bear additionally cause of their actions.
A senior AMC official said, “The demolition on Fatehabad road was carried out on orders of the divisional commissioner as part of the anti-encroachment drive. Their owners were informed about the action in advance.”

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