Fearing rejection by the society, a lesbian couple in Ahmedabad committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river. In the wee hours of Monday, 11th June, the couple at first threw the 3-year-old daughter of one of the woman into the river and then by jumping off from the Elisbridge ended their own lives.

The women and the girl child of one of the deceased were recognised as, Asha Thakor(30), Bhavna Thakor(28) Megha(3). Megha was Asha’s daughter and Bhavna too had two sons whom she left behind.


Two suicide notes were rescued from the suicide spot. One of which was scribbled in a piece of paper and another one was written on the wall of the riverfront. Both the notes hold the same message that reads; “We are leaving this world which will never allow us to be one’’.


“Except for Asha’s brother-in-law, it seems the women’s other relatives had little idea about their relationship. Asha’s husband Himmatsinh Thakor has fallen ill after the incident and is under treatment.” MS Singh, an inspector at women’s police station in Ahmedabad was quoted saying by the Hindustan Times.

Though the police assured that the husbands of both the women would be questioned but the statement made to the Hindustan Times by an anonymous police officer says, “The note also said that no man was with them while committing suicide, which seems like their bid to give a clean chit to their spouses,” spare them from any kind of guilt.

As reported by the TOI, both the women Asha Thakor, a resident of Bavla area and Bhavna Thakor, a resident of Rajoda village, were a worker in a private company in Rajoda village of Ahmedabad district.

Numerous incidents have proved the rigidity of our beliefs in recent years. In many parts of the country love marriage still gets considered as taboo, the third gender is unacceptable by social norms and same-sex marriage is beyond imagination. The incident is really unfortunate and a big question still lies that whether the end of these two lives will be able to change the ideology regarding love and same-sex marriage.

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