Ahmedabad gangrape victim alleges police officer of threatening her to change her complaint

Statistics say one of every four women faces sexual assault at some point of her life in India. What statistics don’t say is how many of such cases occur but fail to be a part of the statistics. “Let’s settle the matter here. You’re a woman. How frequently would you visit police station? Society will taunt you as well.” This legendary dialogue still hits molestation victims when they reach police station to file FIR. One such news has now surfaced in Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

The victim was nagged into an SUV while she was riding her two-wheeler near Nehrunagar circle in March. There were four men in the vehicle two of whom raped her and rest two filmed the incident. Her phone and purse were also robbed and she was then abandoned.

A few days later she got back her valuables from two women one of whom has been identified by her as Yamini Nair. She was blackmailed through messages that asked her for either a ransom of RS 50,000 or a one night stand in exchange for her molestation video.


She gave them Rs 3700 and a gold ring but was molested again on 27 June 2018. Her culprits told her that she was being repeatedly molested on the request of her boyfriend.

That is when she reached out for government helpline Abhayam and as per its directions, filed a complaint.

She identified the main accused as Ahmedabad resident Vrushbh Maru and Gaurav Dalmia and Yamini Nair as one of the two women who were a part of the blackmail ordeal.

However, she spoke to local news channels on 1st July 2018 and said that Joint Commissioner of Police, JK Bhatt pressurized her to change her FIR. She accused him of threatening her to change her statement from gang-rape to cheating.


Hindustan Times quoted her as saying, “I am being repeatedly summoned by the police. I am also being threatened and pressurized by JK Bhatt to change the FIR. He accused me of lying and asked me to change the FIR to a cheating case. He behaves with me as if I am the criminal.”

“He (Bhatt) said that (the main) accused (Vrishabh) cannot do such an act. He is trying to defend the accused.”, She added and claimed that Bhatt asked her vulgar questions too.

Ahmedabad police commissioner AK Singh invests strong faith in the investigating team and is all praises for their expertise.

He told reporters, “As the police commissioner, I have full faith in the investigating team. The track record of the investigating team is exemplary. We have taken the complaint made by the victim very seriously. I will probe into it and take corrective action.”

“The material contradiction (emerging following the interrogation) is very strong, which can cause fatal damage to the investigation. If the investigation agency cannot take care of these contradictions, the case may fail at the trial stage itself. So it is vital to resolve the contradictions. A victim support team has been formed since the start of the investigation, which also includes a counselor who stays with the victim when her statement is being recorded. It is our challenge to win the confidence of the complainant and her family members,” said Singh.

“We have to follow the due process of law and bring out the truth behind the incident, so as to collect prosecutable evidence against the accused,” he further added.

Though, as of now seven people, including the survivor’s boyfriend and the two women, have booked under different sections of the Indian Penal Code, the victim still lobbies for her statement to be recorded before a magistrate.

We, The Indian Feed don’t blatantly blame Ahmedabad police of negligence here. We believe there can be angles to this case that are yet unveiled and must be explored for the truth to prevail. We hope probes to pace up and Justice to be implemented soon.

Source : Hindustan Times

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