One more scandal exposed under #MeToo campaign and this time, it’s the ugly face of a self-proclaimed feminist, the comedian, the YouTuber and AIB fame Utsav Chakraborty.

A woman named Mahima Kukreja (AGirlOfHerWords) has shouldered the responsibility of bringing out this dark side of the blooming stand up comedy industry. She initiated the movement against Utsav with a tweet and screenshots of obscene texts she had herself received from Utsav along with pics of his genitals.

She openly called him out and went on sharing screenshots of her chats with women who sent her DMs sharing their encounters with the accused comedian after reading her tweets. And there are many, many such women whom Utsav’s evil intentions have reached out to. Most of them chose anonymity but Mahima is in no way shying away!

She even told that two of Utsav’s colleagues from AIB and biggies of comedy dynasty were intimidated by her but none considered taking an action. However, after her tweets took the internet by storm, comedians like Aditi Mittal and Varun Grover have spoken their minds out and criticized Utsav.

Meanwhile, AIB has issued a statement and clarified that Utsav isn’t a part of the banner since 2016.

However, people are not ready to buy their clarification. Utsav has come up with the worst possible explanation. He said nudes gave him rush hence, he asked for nudes to any woman who was behaving well with him. He calls himself a ‘piece of shit’ for the same. Well, you’re worse than that!

Utsav also recently started anchoring a new talk show titled ‘Suresh Talks Love in India’ for Vice India. While Vice seems to have taken down the show’s link on their site and Facebook page, they have not made an official statement yet.

One of the girls says that she was merely 17 when she was asked for nudes by this creepy comedian. Read the tweets for more such horrible experiences that women have of Utsav.

Here are the creepy texts

Mumbai police have also reverted to Mahima’s tweet and have assured to prioritize the issue.

Calling yourself a feminist when you’ve gotten a mic in your hands and a hall full of ears to listen to you is easy. But looks like being a feminist, or at least a gentleman in private is a tough job for these hypocrites. Stand up comedy, in current time has a huge social impact particularly on youths. And such sex perverts are infecting the vibes of humor.

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