Now that it’s weekend we guess there should certainly be some room for some entertaining discussion. Hence we have brought to you Bollywood talk but we promise it’s not light-hearted as you expect it to be!

Today we will talk about an Indian film ‘Ajji‘ (meaning- granny). Busan international film festival is all praises of it and the trailer is more than enough to answer ‘why’.

It’s a rape revenge drama (certainly not just another of the kind we have witnessed this year) by director Devasish Makhija, who is a children book writer and film scriptwriter. The story revolves around the rape of a child (an 11 YO is yet to be called a girl) Manda, who has been raped by the son of an influential personality of the area, Dhavle.

She is dumped into a sewage of the slum where she lives and her ‘ajji’ comes searching for her. She is discovered with the help of a prostitute Leela (a fine Actress Sadiya Siddiqui) staying next door. When informed, the police officer (Vikas Kumar) threatens them and uses all methodologies to keep them from filling a complain and demand Justice, for he, more than the law or the system, is committed to Dhavle.

Meanwhile, the father of the victim loses his livelihood. As the frightened parents are too naive to do the right, ajji moves ahead of fears and decides to avenge her beloved’s rape.The films break taboos and frankly talks of sexual offenses to children. It has got no superhuman power added to ajji, the protagonist portrayed by Actress Sushma Deshpande. She has developed her observational skills to new highs.

Watch the soul-stirring trailer here :

The culprit (an enthusiastic Abhishek Banerjee takes the challenge) is seen masturbating at Porn and having sex with a mannequin unable to control his sexuality as ajji watches him.
Ajji is seen learning and practicing butchering live chickens so her hands don’t Shake while making Justice. The victim, played too well by Sharvani Suryavandhi asks the much-needed question, has she grown up just because she bled? (Or rather say, someone made her bleed). An aged woman with aching knees who works as a tailor. How she fights every Injustice thrown at her and her family, is what the story all about.

Reading this piece of the pie, don’t you think it’s a film our society needs to watch? Isn’t the question asked by a feeble voice not meant to be answered? Too scared to face the strong ain’t we failing every day to fight the wrong? The answers are deep routed in the chest of the plots.

Indian audience, in recent past, has shown an extraordinary taste for experimental and conceptual films. Be it Newton, TEPK, Hindi medium etc. Now that the ones at the receiver’s end have their minds open for something new and meaningful to flow in, the film industry has proven it’s worth by raising social issues and creating awareness. With all appreciation the film is bagging around the globe, we congratulate the entire team and hope for it to create the necessary impact it aims at.

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