Almost every time we see the news of an army jawan getting martyred while saving our country our hearts goes out to their family members. A lot of questions arise in our mind,”What will happen to the family members? Who will support them financially? ” Every time we think, “What if there would have been a way through which we could have extended our help to them?”

Seems like very soon this gap is going to be filled. On the occasion of Republic Day Akshay had shared a video with the idea of developing a website or an app for the relatives of martyrs. Akshay explained his proposal in the video,” The name of martyrs along with their bank account will be listed on this website. If you want to help that jawan financially, you can directly donate the sum into their accounts. Also, the details of the donations provided should reflect on the website. The account number will be deleted once the total deposited money sums to Rs 15 lakh so that next deserving case gets the required contributions. In this way, family members of the jawan can directly use that money.”

He had asked people for their inputs and opinions and told that if they think the idea is good enough then he can take it forward with the government and armed forces and fund the website on his own.

So, finally, it seems that the heartfelt idea of Akshay is going to be a reality soon. On Friday, Akshay visited the home ministry to discuss the proposal with home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi and central paramilitary brass. According to a report by TOI, the ministry has fully backed the initiative. It has asked its experts and Akshay’s team to jointly develop the app. Contributions made towards the martyrs will be eligible for income-tax deductions. The Home ministry website will show a link to the app for the purpose of verifying its authenticity and ease of access.

source : fb

Border Security Forces DIG in Jaisalmer Amit Lodha told, “Though government websites offer options to extend financial help to martyr’s kin, these are not well-publicised. Also, officialdom delays the process. The app will simplify things, with the home ministry website and Akshay’s involvement as a brand ambassador offering it wide publicity.


Official sources said the actor initially offered to get the app designed through his personal initiative with permission from the Centre. However, the ministry told him that since the Government is also thinking on similar lines there was no need for an individual initiative. The Ministry officials assured him that his suggestions to the effect will be taken into consideration while designing the app.

We throw our hats off to Akshay who has taken this amazing initiative and is working on making it a reality and hope that other influential personalities will also use their stardom and wealth for the betterment
of the country!

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