It is easy for the Indian society to judge a woman by the red spot of blood on her pants, but it is high time to understand that ‘Menstruation is not a curse, neither for society nor for religion.’ The conservative beliefs have been feeding our society with the thoughts of periods being a taboo. And this is what forces them to subject to women to social implications, restricting them to move freely around, touching various objects and entering into temples.

Girls are forced to be ashamed of bleeding, which sometimes conceals them from the medical facts and hazards of improper preventions. The fluids and the blood discharged during periods releases the harmful chemicals out of the body and if not taken care, they may cause infections and diseases and thus use of safe sanitary napkins is being suggested by doctors.

The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Padman’, revolves around the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who experimented and created cheap sanitary napkins for rural women in south India. As a part of movie promotions, the cast has been articulating around about the measures to prevent the hazards of periods and importance of using sanitary napkins. Recently, Akshay Kumar with a YouTube star famous for her slam poetry on ‘Periods Are Nothing To Hide‘, Aranya Johar spoke about menstruation in their poem ‘Bleeding Rani’.

It also feels nice at the same time as somebody felt the urge to talk about it. And being representative heroes, their efforts are seen and they are heard, influencing a larger mass with the medium of entertainment. Indian cinema needs more and more films that could bring out the real issues that are meant to be heard and talked about.

Wearing high heels or swiping your smartphones does not make anyone modern, but it is their ideologies and mindsets that make you one. It is the time when people need to accept that women do bleed through their vagina and that doesn’t make them impure or lesser of a human. It is the most natural biological system, the one which is the base of human existence. They need your care, not the sympathy. They need sanitary napkins, not your excuses. Because every woman is a ‘Bleeding Rani.’

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