Uttar Pradesh: In a recent shocking incident, a 2.5-year-old girl Twinkle was brutally murdered in Aligarh. As per reports, the deceased was murdered in Tappal area of Aligarh over an argument with her family regarding a loan amount worth 10,000.

The toddler was found on a garbage dump near her house by a sweeper on June 2, three days after her parents had reported her missing. But the police allegedly hadn’t bothered to act. As the details of the horrific crime emerged it sparked national outrage.
Her eyes were popping out, the right arm had been cut off, left leg, ribs, nose fractured, and the corpse nibbled by insects and rodents, in some parts down to her bone, reports The Print.


The girl’s parents also alleged the child’s body was hidden at the home of one of the accused but later thrown onto the garbage dump because it started decomposing in the summer heat.“The stench of the body is still in my head. It was being pulled apart by dogs, and the cleaner spotted it. All of us rushed along with the family. The sight was unbearable. The family deserves justice,” the village pradhan was quoted by TNIE.

The two accused, identified as Aslam and Zahid were accused of abducting and brutally torturing the toddler after her father allegedly failed to repay Rs 10,000 he had borrowed from one of them.

Zahid and Aslam: source

The Indian Express reported that one of the accused was arrested in 2014 for allegedly raping his own daughter.

“A case of kidnapping was registered on May 31. The accused have been arrested and they have confessed to the crime. It was a case of personal enmity and there is no sign of rape. The minor was strangled to death and her eyes were gouged out. The accused are in jail now,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Aligarh, Akash Kulhari told IANS.

The post-mortem of the girl revealed that she was punched repeatedly on the chest resulting in the fracture of ribs. It also confirmed that she died of strangulation. The cops have not found evidence of rape but this cannot be ruled out at this stage.

While the family and relatives of the girl blocked roads in protest for justice, people on twitter are sharing their concerns too. According to reports one of the accused men is a history-sheeter and has a number of cases registered against his name. In the past few days, nation has come out to seek justice for the girl and have expressed their anger on the gruesome act.

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Here are some reactions:

Some celebrities who had held placard for the Kathua case are being slammed by the people for reacting ‘differently’ to this murder. Since the intensity and brutality of the crime is nowhere different from Kathua case Sonam Kapoor is being slammed by the people for asking them to not make an agenda out of it.

This is a heinous crime. Killing people is horrific and there’s no justification for the same. The Indian Feed requests the authorities to take strict action against the accused. We need to be united today and fight for her and so many others who haven’t got justice yet. The little girl didn’t know anything about the world and what happened to her was brutal and unforgivable. The least we can do is seek justice for her and make our country and this world a better place, a safe place.

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