No matter how much sick and tired we are of seeing the same violent crime filled stories popping up on our news feed every day, these incidents will keep on happening and we have to keep on reading about them. Adding onto these already long list of crimes is an incident reported from Samrathpura village of Dholpur district in Alwar.

The reported incident is a case of honour killing wherein a 17-year-old girl, studying in Class XII, was shot dead and burnt allegedly by her father and other relatives.

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The girl was in a committed relationship with a classmate and their affair was disapproved by the girl’s family.They even debarred her from meeting him but she did not budge which further angered her family.Police have arrested Baney Singh (40), father of the girl, and Udai Singh (38), her uncle, and sent them to police remand on Saturday.

According to TOI Dholpur superintendent of police, Rajesh Singh said, “Baney Singh had gone to meet her daughter, studying in a private school, at a rented house in Samrathpura on December 8. When she was not found in the room, the father waited for her till evening. But she didn’t come. He came to know that the girl was in a relationship. She was called back to her home on December 9 and asked not to meet the boy again. But she resisted.”

“She was not allowed to go out and later her father shot her. He missed first shot and hit the wall of the house. Family members then tied the girl to a ‘charpoi’ and father shot her with a country-made pistol. The family took the girl to a funeral ground where her body was set on fire.During the whole incident, Udai Singh and his wife Geeta helped the father of the girl, including in cleaning up the crime scene and removing evidence. So, the uncle of the girl has also been arrested,” Singh added.


It is sad that a young life had to meet such a horrendous end.We at The Indian Feed are disgusted by such kind of honor killings. If being in love with someone makes a family lose respect in society then we now want to know the number of accolades and awards been showered on her family.Her family could have sat and understood her emotions rather than murdering her for their honor. We can’t imagine the amount of hate it would have taken to commit this cold-blooded murder where even the family members supported the man in killing the girl.

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