India campaigns against cutting of the tree, but guess what’s more concerning? It is chopping off woman’s head. Maamraj reportedly chops off the head of his 32-year-old daughter in law on a street of Alwar as she worked in a factory which believed to be against the pride of Rajputs.


Uma Rajput, wife of Mukesh worked in a factory near a Khatushyam temple near Shahjahanpur village with her husband to sustain the basic needs of family and educate their children. The accused, Maamraj is been reported as the elder brother of Uma’s father in law who was against women working outside the home and was also mentally ill and did not work.


Family members and the villagers reported that he ended up in arguments with Uma earlier while she worked in a school. Agitated by the “threaten of working women” to Rajput culture, the accused “glorified their pride” by chopping his daughter in law’s head with a sword and let her bleed to die on the road itself.

What gushes the blood in our body is the fact that none of the pass-bys felt it important enough to take her to the hospital, instead they too let her die. It was more important to fight for the dignity of a queen in a movie who died ages ago than saving the pride of Indian culture now.

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