Time and again we’re proving why we should be no more called as humans. After Sandip threw his sick mother off terrace at Rajkot, Gujarat we’ve another case from Alwar’s Shahjahanpur in Rajasthan.

A man brutally thrashed his paralytic mother to death. She had been suffering since long and couldn’t withstand the torture by her son. Meanwhile, the accused’s nephew shot the whole incidence from a window and exposed his uncle. The woman reportedly died after the assault.

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Just like Rajkot incidence, this culprit is also a teacher by profession.

“We went to the man’s house but he was not there. It is being said that the video is of 18 January, the investigation is underway,” the Police told ANI. According to reports, the accused’s nephew had recorded the video on January 18, nine days before the women breathed her last on January 27.

The video was shot by one of her grandsons from a window, the grandson wanted to expose how his uncle treated his ailing grandmother who had been dependent on the family after a paralytic attack six months ago,” TOI quoted an official of Alwar police as saying.

We’ve also witnessed a video wherein a daughter was seen beating up her old mother who was mentally ill.

Whoever thinks of his/her mother as a burden, please look around. You’ll find people craving for mother’s love, whose mothers were untimely snatched away from them by cruel fate. She is your ultimate support, no matter how old or sick she gets. Please value the most precious gift by God.

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