According to a report, India already has a disturbing cop to citizens’ ratio which states that in India, on an average, 3 Cops Protect Each VIP while for every 663 Citizens only one cop is there. In yet another disturbing example of the prevalent VIP culture, an ambulance was allegedly stopped by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s convoy forcing the pregnant woman to walk to the hospital. The apathetic incident happened when CM’s convoy was expected to arrive for the launching of some development activities at Nagamanala.


Allegedly, on Monday, the police officials barred the ambulance from proceeding towards the hospital after which the pregnant woman was forced to walk 300 meters to reach the govt hospital.

A video clip showing the woman walking with her family members has gone viral and received a critical response from the citizens. Reportedly, the CM had arrived in Nagamangala by helicopter to lay the foundation stone for Kanak Bhavan in BM road.To allow the convoy to pass, the police blocked all the vehicles passing through the road including the ambulance which was carrying the pregnant woman.


The ambulance’s siren fell on the deaf ears of the police official, after which the pregnant woman got down along with her family members and walked towards the hospital. The police offered no help to drop her at the hospital.

According to TNIE, when asked, Circle Inspector Dhanraj said they had stopped all vehicles on the highway to allow the CM’s convoy to pass and that police didn’t hear the ambulance siren due to the sound of other vehicles near the bus stand.

He added they would have tried to make the way for the ambulance, had the woman’s family members alerted the policemen on duty. The incident is not a standalone case
of such VVIP apathy, even in past many times, ambulances have been blocked by the convoys of the ministers or other VIPs. Blocking of ambulances just shows the status of life of a common man in the country and also how these ministers are given a status of demi-gods to such an extent that they think they can’t even afford a delay of few minutes to save someone else’s life.


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