Ambulance drivers are truly today’s unsung heroes. One such hero is Thamim, an ambulance driver who drove 508 km in just six hours and 45 minutes on Wednesday night to save the life of a 31-day-old baby girl, Fathima Laiba, who required urgent heart surgery.


Thamim crossed a distance of over 500 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram to Kannur in just 6.30 hours when it usually takes ten hours without major traffic. If there are traffic snarls on the way, the traveling time extends to 14 hours.

Thamim took the baby for urgent treatment in the Ambulance KL 14 L 4247 from Pariyaram Medical College and Hospital to the Sree Chitra Hospital. With Thamim’s driving skills and presence of mind along with police, civil society activists and members of the public joining hands, the ambulance, which departed around 8.30 pm, reached the destination around 3.22 am.

Kerala Police put forth a request to the public to co-operate with the effort and avoid any obstruction on the ambulance’s route. Facebook and WhatsApp messages helped people avoid obstructing the roads through which the ambulance would pass through.Thousands came together volunteering to help clear the road and ensure smooth passage for the ambulance after the news was circulated.


Thamim, a native of Kasargod volunteered to be the driver of the ambulance for the marathon trip. The ambulance was escorted by a police pilot, an ambulance ICU and two Innova cars of the highway police team from Kannur.

The only stop made was for 15 minutes to feed the baby.

The paramedical staff onboard sent out the message that the ambulance has reached its destination successfully, to all those who were worried about the baby.

The baby is still in a critical condition in Sree Chitra Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, with the hope of parents and society that came together to help save her.

A Malayalam film by Rajesh Pillai was based on a similar scenario. In this 2011 film called ‘Traffic’, actor Srinivasan, who played a traffic constable, transports the heart of a boy who had just died across 150 km in under two hours to a 14-year-old girl waiting for a transplant.

Sudevan (Srinivasan) covered 150 km in two hours in the film which wasn’t really a real-life incident while, Thamim, in real life extraordinarily covered over 500 km in just 6 hours 30 minutes for the sake of an infant who was in a critical condition.It is probably the integrity attached to the profession that drives these men into doing something as brilliant as Thamim.

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