And while humanity seems to be getting depleted ,there are people like the cabby Vivek Kumar , whose little act of kindness is enough to restore our faith. On a cold December night the man gave his only jacket to a homeless man saying that “he needed it more”.

Vivek Kumar was taking a passenger home when he spotted a homeless man. He then got out of the car and pulled out his leather jacket from the back seat.
His passenger, Delhi resident Anirban Banerjee thought the driver was feeling cold,
but instead of wearing it, the driver silently gave it to a homeless man on the street
who was shivering, and wearing only a pair of trousers.

source : fb

This is Banerjee’s Facebook post which has been liked nearly 1800 times now.

” Listen to this. On my way back home, last Friday, my Uber driver, while we were waiting at a traffic signal, suddenly got out of the car and opened the rear door, where I was sitting. He asked me to shift to the other side and folded the seat to take out something. I was a bit alarmed at the very suddenness of his movement but as I saw him pull out a leather jacket, I thought I had understood the situation and went on to pass one of my usual useless comments – ”kaafi thand ho gayi hai”. Then, as the signal had turned green and Delhi, as per character, was blaring car horns at us, he got into his seat, rolled his window down and gave his leather jacket to a homeless man who was only wearing trousers.

”Sach me Sir, kaafi thand hai.”
I often rant about Uber drivers and co-passengers but this is not one of those. This man advised me to keep old clothes handy in my car or even give them to cab drivers like himself, who could then pass them on to those who definitely need them more. “

He told HuffPost India , “I didn’t do anything great. This is normal.Everyone should be doing this.”
Kumar said that it was his only jacket to keep him warm. He had bought it three years ago from Srinagar when he used to drive touring cars.
“I don’t have a jacket right now. But that person needed it more than me.
He was sitting there holding his chest. It was a sight I couldn’t see,” he said.

“If there’s someone who needs something more than you, give it to them. That’s humanity,” he said. Kumar also keeps a box of coins with him in his car. “I give it to the disabled and old beggars,” he said.
The 40-year-old said he doesn’t believe in giving money to temple’s donation boxes. “We don’t know who it goes to,” he said. He said, he would rather give it to those thousands of homeless if he could afford it.
“I will hopefully afford to buy a jacket in a few days,” Kumar said.

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