If you think stunt riding is a male only profession, then meet 21 years old Anam Hashim.

Anam Hashim, India’s first female stunt rider is crushing stereotypes under her wheels.

Anam is India’s first and youngest female stunt rider.She has scaled the Khardungla Top, the highest motorable road on TVS scooter Zest that too twice.Anam has learned riding bikes from her father.

Initially, her dad was a bit doubtful regarding the stunting, but now he is proud of her achievements.

Anam tells she used to get thrilled watching the guys doing the stunt on the roads.

She started thinking why she can’t do it and did her research and finally took it professionally.

Anam’s stunt riding career started with a stunt-‘christ’- that on an Activa scooty, and it went viral on YouTube.

And her journey of stunting with motorbikes began.

Belonging to a middle-class family, she faced a lot of resistance from the society.

Her father was initially hesitant regarding stunting with bikes and her mom still doesn’t approve of it.

But, now Anam has been doing these stunts for past three years and feels that it is worth all the struggles that she faces.

She is now learning dirt biking and wishes to compete in International Stunt Riding Championships.

“A bike doesn’t know your gender,” says Anam.

Thank You, Anam for crushing stereotypes under your wheels.

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