To any parents, the worst nightmare is the news of their children’s death. It undoubtedly turns their world upside down, and when it arrives in the most sudden and sadistic way it just leaves them speechless.

27-year-old Chinnabattina Mytri Tejaswini was on her way back from shopping when the bike on which she and her brother were riding got hit from behind.

The bike accident took place on Tuesday night near Vijaya Talkies at Gorila Dibba on Eluru road. A drunk constable hit the bike with his own speeding bike from behind. The bike lost control and hit a maiden Mytri received several head injuries and was immediately hospitalized. She slipped into coma because of the brain haemorrhage caused.


Tejaswini’s family did not lose hope until the very last moment. The doctors also didn’t leave any stone unturned, they tried their best to save her life. But unfortunately, she couldn’t survive the several injuries and was declared dead by the doctors on Wednesday morning.

Software professional Tejaswini was also an active campaigner of organ donation. Being an active participant she used to visit the church regularly and counsel the family members, present there.

After Tejaswini was declared brain dead the Jeevan Dhan trust and the pastor of the church, she used to visit, tried to approach her family members for organ donation. At first, they did not agree, but then they accepted the proposal as this is the way of keeping her spirits alive and fulfil her dreams and ambitions.


With consent from her father Rayal, sister Ramya Tejaswini and brother Micheal Raviteja, the doctors of Metro hospital made all the arrangements needed for organ donation. The procedure was complete by 4 pm on Thursday.


Six lives were saved, as Tejaswini’s heart was donated to Global hospital (Chennai), lungs to Apollo hospital (Visakhapatnam). Her kidneys were donated to Vijaya hospital (Vijayawada) and Narayana hospital (Nellore) respectively. Eyes were donated to LV Prasad Eye Institute (Vijayawada).

The accused constable identified as Srinivas is now in jail and has got suspended from his job.

“There could be no better alternative to pay tribute to our daughter irrespective of donating her organs to save others,” the family said to The Times of India. “A drunken constable killed my sister, and we cannot assure how long will it to convince ourselves that she is no more. However, at the same time, we have somewhere gratified that her organs were helpful in saving the lives of needy,” added her brother.

The decision that Tejaswini family made was difficult indeed. They lost their daughter but gave the lease of life to six persons and made the world a better place for them.

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