There was a time we associated Kashmir with the extraterrestrial scenic beauty that it’s blessed with. But gradually, with its name crossed our minds some or other violence including stone pelting, political tensions, terrorism and cross-border firings.

But today, Kashmir has to share a boost of positivity with us. It’s the success story of a 27-year-old youth from Kashmir, Anjum Bashir Khan who has topped Kashmir Administrative Services.

The most striking part of the news is the one that comes from his childhood. 18 years back, when Anjum was merely 9, his home at Surankote was set on fire by the terrorists. That’s because his father didn’t give up his children to join terrorism. His family, ultimately had to flee from their native land to Jammu where his father did his best to provide him and his siblings quality education.


“I wanted my children to become a symbol of peace for those youth who had joined terrorist groups and help free Pirpanjal region from violence and build infrastructure there,” says Mohammad Bashir Khan, Anjum’s father. ‘Education is the best way to change the destiny of the youth’ believes a determined Anjum and shares his future plans for Kashmir as an officer.


“There is no point of making it to this service if I’m not able to go there and help people. Becoming an officer is one thing, but what’s important is that you should help your society. The society where from you have come,” he told NDTV. A prey to terrorism in 1999 to a confident administrator in 2017.

This success story of Anjum is a dose of encouragement for everyone who seeks an aim in life.

ht: NDTV

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