“If you want a change, bring it yourself”. Annapoorna Mohan, an English teacher from a Panchayat Union Primary School of Villuppuram, Tamilnadu proves the same
Annapurna had missed the MBBS seat by 0.5 marks.She was shattered and when she joined the school she was appalled with the conditions in the school.
While working in the school, she completed BCA, MBA, MA (English), M. Sc (Maths), and B.Ed in the past 10 years.And wanted to quit the job after MBA.
But after seeing the love of children she decided to stay with the school and letting the other plans go.When today’s educated mass makes its way away from Govt. Schools
She is making it a better place to learn.
Classrooms armed with smart boards, audio-visual learning systems and stacks of pictured books helps student fear English a lot less and read/speak it much better. To our utter surprise, the lady has afforded all these on her own money ..She pledged her jewellery and raised Rs 2 lakh to create a smart class.
“I decided to do it by myself because I didn’t want to burden anyone
 Doing it myself also helped to get it done more efficiently as I didn’t have to rely on anyone else”, she says.
She has also prepared a CD with more than 10,000 slides for teaching phonetics to students.
Every day she travels 30 km carrying 4 bags with 4 tabs, abacus and 2 laptops for her classroom.
 The videos she creates and uploads  from her classroom has helped her in getting media attention and raising some funds.
However, its not easy task for her. she has now a loan of at least Rs 7 lakh for the school
She has also pldged her gold chain to build school compound wall
Keeping in views the high ratio of primary schools to secondary schools, this step is indeed an epitome of inspiration
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