Here’s an eye-opener for all those who are till now thinking that they’re living in ‘developed’ India. No dear ones, you’re just privileged enough to be living in one modern section of an annoyingly orthodox country.

Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district has a handful of elderly intellects who feel that women’s flowy gowns, popularly called nighties are meant to be only worn during the night. Wearing those during day hours is ‘bad’. They took it way too literally, we suppose. Hence, they’ve declared a diktat.

Any woman caught wearing a ‘nightie’ during 7am-7pm shall be fined with RS 2000 and additionally, anyone who reports one such woman would be rewarded RS 1000 as well.

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The nine-membered committee has issued a social ban on those who would be found guilty but won’t pay the fine. 1800 women have been sacrificing their everyday comfort for 9 months and only now the ridiculous made it into the news the limelight after few revenue officers visited the village for inquiry on Thursday.

Villagers told TOI that they were intimidated by the committee not to inform officials. On conversations with the Sarpanch, Fantasia Mahalakshmi, who ironically is a woman as well told that washing clothes or going to local grocery shop in a nightie isn’t good. Few women had approached the elderly. She also declined allegations of imposing any kind of ban.

Source : toi

It’s really comic that such issues are drawing the attention of those who exercise power. Call it negligence or social fear, people are obeying irrelevant orders by random people who have nothing to do with judiciary.

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