Have you ever looked upon to the chaos in our society, where beauty is measured merely by skin complexion?? If a person, to be more specific, a girl has brown skin, society either declares her ugly or says “naak-naksha thik hi hai ladki ka” as if compensating her flawed skin tone. This is why the gorgeous dark-skinned people live with an inferiority complex despite having an awesome personality and talent.

In her latest slam poem the young sensation, Aranya Johar talks about this much necessary aspect. She explains how the brown guys and girls around us are pretty with their own imperfection and that they needn’t take the assistance of fairness products to become someone who they are actually not. Neither you need to idealize the fair ones on screen nor edit/filter your photographs.

And to add with, even it’s high time for everyone to get over their utter obsession with white skins and rather redefine beauty in a whole new and sensible way. Aranya also talks about how men and women in our society are also expected to fit the standards set by the magazines with models having six-pack abs and flawless photoshopped images.

She wraps up with a beautiful line, “Because people aren’t made to fit, or custom made; it’s time we realize love comes in all shapes and shades.”We need to love ourselves first instead of trying to fulfill the expectations of the society.

Watch the slam poem by Aranya here:

It’s really nice to see brands like Shaadi.com coming forward with topics like this and doing branding through social activism. But it is a well-known fact that matrimonial is the field where most of the color discrimination takes place while searching for brides and grooms.We hope that matrimonial websites take this forward and get rid of SkinTone checkbox on their websites.

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