Amongst the large number of problems that women in our country face, one is the inhuman practice of period shaming. Since childhood girls are taught to not discuss periods openly. It’s that secret of our society which has been kept wrapped with newspapers and black polythenes since ages and continues to make girls uncomfortable since the day she gets her first periods to the day she dies. A woman on her periods is still considered impure and even today she is denied entry inside religious places and kitchens.

In this video posted by Menstrual Hygiene Day India, the poet Aranya Johar takes a dig at our society’s mentality and talks about how she is privileged since she was allowed to discuss the periods openly in the family. She further talks about how since childhood girls are taught to wrap the pads in black plastics and how periods are something that we discuss in a whisper mode.The poet also tells how easy it can be for girls to feel normal during their periods if their male counterparts stop treating it as a taboo and instead offer help to them.

Watch this soul-stirring video here:

Somewhere we all are responsible for treating a process that is responsible for birth, the phenomenon that is responsible for construction as a stigma and taboo. When everything else is changing lets put a full stop on these inhuman practices and treatments.Let’s not see a girl on her periods with pity and instead of shaming her let’s offer a helping hand. This world menstrual hygiene day let’s do our bit to change the world and create a more comfortable space for our mothers, sisters and all other women out there.

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