Meet Madan Lal, 45, from Haryana who was born without arms.

Since the day he was born he struggled with life

As a kid, he went to school to take admission but was refused by the teacher due to his disability.

Madan knew no one was going to help him, so he decided to start working and his own destiny.

He went to a tailor and asked him to teach him tailor’s work.

But he was asked,”You don’t even have hands, how will you stitch”

Madan told to the tailor,”Give me one chance and I will prove my worth”, to which he agreed.

Within a few days, the tailor was impressed with his work which boosted his confidence

Madan Lal came back to his village and opened his own shop

Initially, people hesitated to give their clothes to him, They would say, he stitches with legs, he will ruin our clothes”

But slowly he gained their confidence,
It’s been 20 years now and he is working as a tailor and his shop is doing good.

Now, things have changed and a lot of people come to his shop.

His inspirational life story is now being shared by international publications.

In a world, where people don’t stop complaining about their fate and life, Madan is an inspiration for us.

Watch his inspiring journey here :

“Hathon ki lakeeron pe mat ja ‘Ghalib’, Naseeb unke bhi hote hain jin ke haath nahi hote.” – Mirza Ghalib

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