Does it sound right or logical if we say that ‘miracles’ do happen? And to continue with it, miracles take place in the form of birth of a child.
One miracle, around the country, was observed in Dahisar area of Mumbai where a child as pre-mature as 23 weeks having barely weight of 460 grams survived and battled successfully a great deal of life and now 2 years down the line after that incident another heart-warming incident took place.

On the dawn of Saturday, four Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists attacked the place and injured people in the name of Suicide Attack in Sunjuwan area of Jammu.


150 family quarters existed where soldiers stayed with their families. The situation came up when the terrorists had tried to sneak in through the rear gates of the camp on Saturday. After the people posted there challenged them, they opened fire. Following a short gun-battle, they managed to enter the complex, the Army said.

In the gunfire, a 24-year-old pregnant woman ( wife of a soldier) got injured by the wounds.
Rifleman Nazir Ahmad’s wife who was 35-weeks pregnant was immediately rushed in an Army Chopper immediately at Satwari Military Hospital gave birth to a baby girl where a caesarean section was performed on her.

A lot of people got injured, undoubtedly, however, the surprising part is that a lot of people were evacuated on time. Many got injured but were in a state of recovery. By then,10 people were injured, among them six women and children. Five soldiers and the father of one of them were killed in the attack.

“Army doctors worked all night to save the life of the severely injured pregnant woman with gunshot wounds and helped her deliver a baby girl, following a caesarean section operation,” Army PRO Lt Col Devender Anand told agencies. “The woman delivered a baby girl weighing 2.5kg. The condition of both the mother and the baby are stable,” he added.

The soldier himself was injured by gunshot wounds and was taken to hospital where later he was declared stable.
Situations like these are disastrous and not acceptable but what worse could be than seeing it happening in front of the eyes and losing people in fractions of seconds. Probably, the countries will hope for a better change eventually, if not immediately.

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