A video that is going viral over social media shows a CCD customer recording cockroaches in CCD outlet’s fridge, as soon as he starts recording a CCD woman staff records his video and slaps him.
Arpan Verma was slapped hard by a female staff of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) for pointing out that there are cockroaches in the fridge from which they were serving food to the visitors at their Hawamahal outlet in Jaipur.
Rather than apologizing for the said conduct of their staff, CCD authorities in Jaipur have taken the lady to police station to submit a complaint of eve-teasing , harassment and molestation against Arpan Verma to pressurize him to not go public with this extremely disgusting behaviour of their staff and public humiliation of a customer for pointing out their unhygienic way of working. The woman tried to instigate people during this ruckus also to get Arpan assaulted by others.

Watch the video here:

As Arpan has shared on his profile, he politely told them about the cockroaches in their fridge but rather than cleaning their own mess up, they continued serving people which is when he informed others about the food which was served to them. This of course did not go down well with the staff leading to an argument and ultimately a slap by this female. Hear her audacity challenging Arpan how he could shoot a video while she herself was recording him.
~ The response of CCD in this case is really disappointing, instead of taking proper action,  the matter was ignored for 15 days, and only when today the story is getting viral they chose to response.
~ It is also a case of gender law misuse where the CCD staffs conveniently chose to blame the guy, and lodged a complaint against him.
~ Kudos to Arpan Verma who not only chose to stand for consumer rights but has also served a legal notice to CCD over the issue
~ We really hope Cafe Coffee Day looks into the matter and proper justice is served !

UPDATE: In the latest post by Cafe Cofee Day on their facebook page , they have mentioned that they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

SOURCE : Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

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