First Bollywood and then, Stand up comedy, the black faces are surfacing up one by one. After biggies like Nana Patekar, Vivek Agnihotri, Utsav Chakraborty in their respective domains have made it to the limelight for all the wrong reasons, this time it’s journalism on the table. Yes, Meghnad Bose, a ‘The Quint’ employee has been mercilessly exposed by another journalist, Poulomi Das.

Read her tweets directly to experience the horror she’s been through because of this man.

We’re not at all astonished that a few people, replying to Poulomi have questioned the authenticity of her allegations. Hearing truth coming out of the mouth of a victim in broad daylight is something our ‘sanskari’ society isn’t accustomed to and the backlash Tanushree Dutta had to face following her interview is indeed a solid proof of the same.

A molester who is hardly opposed turns out to be a serial molester and that’s exactly the case with Meghnad too. He has assaulted several women. Some physically, some mentally and some emotionally. Divya Karthikeyan sharing a screenshot has circumvented her anger for Bose in public.

Also, Theja Ram, Bose’s mate back from ACJ has supported Karthikeyan and tweeted about how Bose had insulted her in public and made her cry for days.

Siddharth Tiwari also tweets back to Divya and wrote how everyone who is even of the slightest acquaintance to Bose knows of his filthy attitude especially for women and how this is something that is discussed in a hush but nobody has ever confronted the selfproclaimed feminist or dared to oppose.

Ironically, sex predators are now wearing well-designed masks of feminists. Bose’s video on rape culture had gone rounds on the internet and had bagged him immense popularity and widespread appreciation.

If you take a look at Meghnad’s Facebook profile, you’ll get an impression that the person is a hardcore feminist and has an authentic opinion regarding gender equality. The funniest part is, he has recently shared a post criticizing Utsav Chakraborty for having sent explicit content to women over text.

We live in a country where the delay made by a woman to speak up against assaults or molestation that she has been through is immediately called a publicity stunt but a man posting long, well-written apology letter in his timeline after being incriminated is called bravery. Cool, isn’t it? After Utsav, Meghnad has also released one such apology letter.

We’re not buying apologies irrespective of how big a name you’re. We’re waiting to see when this man will be penalized for the sexual assaults.

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