Following the recent incident of Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad beating the 60 year old Air India Official one more thing happened in the case which was unexpected. The MP was put on a “No Fly” list by Air India. Federation of Indian Airlines, which has Jet Airways, SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir as its members, also imposed a ban on Gaikwad from flying their aircraft.This is probably the first instance in Indian Air Aviation History of a passenger being put on a “No-Fly list”.

Meet the man who not only imposed the ban on the politician but also set an example for other officials that employees come first. Ashwani Lohani, the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India holds a place in Limca Book of World Records. Lohani has a degree in four streams of engineering Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. He had completed the four degrees in four years.

He also holds a Guinness World Record for successfully running the Fairy Queen Express, world’s oldest steam locomotive engine. He has also worked as a director of the National Rail Museum where he made a place for him in the Guinness Book Of World Records.Looking at his impressive profile he was then chosen to turn around the fortunes of Air India.

Being an Air India executive Lohani has been given a credit card and is also entitled to get free flights.However, Lohani has not used any of these facilities even once and continues to travel by railways with his family.Outlook quotes one of his colleagues as saying, “Strictly speaking, the AI CMD, on deputation from another department, is not entitled to freebies usually extended to the chief but all others before him have been availing them. Lohani has not done it even once. He doesn’t even allow us to upgrade tickets of his family,” he adds.

source: outlook

Lohani has also stopped the practice of being received at the airport by a group of officials as he finds it too feudal and outdated.
He has a reputation of getting things done. He was also appointed as the CMD of Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) where he did not spare then junior tourism minister Vinod Khanna. Lohani is said to have sent him a bill of a few lakhs for the food that Khanna used to order from the Janpath hotel. Khanna apparently paid up without making any complaint.

Lohani is a man of principles and known to be incorruptible.

Before the Ravindra Gaikwad incident, in 2015, he had directed AI to lodge a complaint against Congress MP Mithun Reddy who had slapped the station master at the airport. As the boarding gate was closed the MP was not allowed to board the flight along with his relatives following which he had slapped the airport’s station master in anger.

The police had then arrested the MP after the complaint was filed against him.

In an era when most of the officials and corrupt politicians are busy in using taxpayer’s money for their personal benefits, Ashwani Lohani has set an example for us by standing against the VIP culture and rude behaviors of the public servants like Gaikwad. Had it been any other official in place of Lohani there was a large possibility of no action being taken up against the Shiv Sena MP.

Thanks sir for standing against VIP culture.

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