Indian Gold winning shotputter at Asian Games Tajinderpal Singh Toor was deliberately made angry by his coach when he was getting ready for his fifth throw in the men’s shot put final.
“You die of shame,” shouted the coach from the sidelines in order for him to get angry, and use it eventually in his sport to do better.

According to a report by TOI, “I wanted him to get angry. I told him ‘I have left my family for you and your father is fighting cancer. Think of us.’ I think it worked,” said the coach looking back at his ward’s performance. Even though the athlete had almost ensured a gold in his first round, but he was struggling with the 20 metre mark, forget about the 21-metre goal they set for themselves for The Asian Games.


After the coach shouted, Toor let out a huge cry at the beginning of his round and came with a 20.75m throw, resulting in a new Asian Games record.
The two- Tajinderpal hails from Moga and Dhillon from Jalandhar met some five years back in Punjab where the former was just learning the tricks of the trade. Eventually, a bond was formed between them, so much so that when Toor’s father was diagnosed with cancer and he was struggling to focus on his sport, the coach persuaded him to the training ground.

“His father was not well but he went to the Commonwealth Games. He was not ready to go. I had to persuade him to go since it would have been a very good experience ahead of The Asian Games.”


“He was in good form in the CWG but he could not do well. His father was serious when Tajinderpal came back from Gold Coast. I trained him in Delhi, where his father was undergoing treatment in AIIMS, before shifting to Patiala. From Patiala, he would come to Delhi in every three to four days to attend to his father.”

Knowing Toor could do well and wasn’t able to because of his father’s illness, the coach spoke to The Sports Authority of India (SAI) and shifted the camp to Dharmashala from where it would not be possible for Toor to travel every alternate day. It would take him at least 8-10 hours, unlike Patiala that would only take a few hours.
In Dharmashala, the duo put in efforts for a period of three months to showcase Toor’s talent at the Asian Games and we all know how the story further goes. India bagged it’s first ever gold in Shotput at the Asian Games, breaking a record and setting a new one.

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