Born without hands an Assam schoolgirl, Jebin Kousar has proved that once you want to achieve something, there are no boundaries that can stop you from reaching your goals.

Jebin, a student at Gyan Jyoti Academy, a private school in Assam’s Hojai district has made everybody proud by not only passing her matriculation examination but also scoring the first division from her school. Along with her, 11 others amongst the 16 also scored the first division who appeared for the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination under the Assam Board of Secondary Education (SEBA).


“Our school has scored the First Division after 17 years. We are so proud of Jebin Kousar and the other students. We’ve never let her feel like she was different. Her classmates and teachers have helped her since kindergarten and continue to do so even now. We will always be with her in this journey,” said Principal Afsana Begum Choudhury in a report by News 18.

The school id cards for the students of Gyan Jyoti Academy have Jebin’s picture at the back firmly holding a pen appearing for her exam. The school authorities did so to teach their other students that there is nothing holding them back.

Source : News18

Jebin belongs to a lower middle-class family, with her father being an auto driver, drives a hired auto and her mother a homemaker. They have a meagre income of Rs. 5000 per month with her father not keeping well with the last few days has only mounted worries for her mother. She is the eldest of six daughters living in a small house in Murajhar, 180 kilometres from Guwahati. Her parents revealed that they didn’t expect her to score so well knowing her condition and the fact that she didn’t take any help, they were very happy with her performance.


“I am very happy for her. I raised my daughter with much difficulty. With one hand I used to cook and feed her with the other. She never took tuitions. In fact, her father was only expecting the Second Division,” said Fateha Begum, Jebin’s mother in a report by News 18.

Amidst all the happiness, Jebin’s mother was worried as she knew her daughter has a long way to go and she didn’t want their family condition to create any hindrance for her.
Jebin mentioned she wants to enroll in the Arts stream for her further education, wanting to be a teacher at Mariam Ajmal College in Hojai in future.
The Murajhar Guidance Junior Trust willingly came forward to fund Jebin’s education till Class 12.

Jebin has not only created a life for her but is an inspiration for all of us out there who despite having all the facilities, still want more in life. She has not only defied all the odds against her but has also become our role model when it comes to learning more. She has taught us once you want something in life, you can achieve it if you want it badly enough. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have everything in life, what matters is if you can get it for yourself. And, if one strives hard, they definitely can!

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