In a gesture which shows country always comes first, the mother of an Assam youth who has allegedly joined Hizbul Mujahideen has uttered those words which a mother would never want to use for her son. A photo of Qamer Uz Zaman, son of Ibrahim Zaman of Jamunamukh in Hojai district, has gone viral on social media which shows him with a gun. The caption also suggests that he has joined the terror organization Hizbul Mujahideen.

According to a media report, when Qamer’s mother came to know about this she told if the report is indeed true she wants him to be shot dead as he is now a traitor and enemy of the country. On the basis of the pic, the mother recognized her son and confirmed his identity.

Speaking to reporters, Tahera Begum said, “The government can do whatever it wants to do with him if he has really joined Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. I will not even accept his dead body. We are with the Nation.”


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If he has joined the militant organization, he should be shot dead as he is an enemy of the country. I don’t need such a son. Such a person should not be living,” Zaman’s mother, Tahera Begum was quoted. Even his brother supported the words of their mother and told he should be killed as he is a traitor.

The Assam Police in coordination with Jammu and Kashmir police are trying to find out if Zaman had indeed joined the terrorist organization. On his return to India in 2006 after living for four years in the United States, Zaman had shifted to Jammu and Kashmir and told his family he had set up a business there.

Zaman’s family had filed a missing complaint and also went to J&K after he went missing. Last year, the family had brought his wife and three years old son back home after which he used to visit them from time to time, his brother told the media.Assam police, however, are aware that the images could be photoshopped and are investigating the social media buzz.

Locals added that Zaman was brainwashed by the militants. Such a gesture from the family is really brave and praiseworthy and proves there are still people like Ibrahim for whom country comes first and people should stop bracketing them and asking for proof of their patriotism.

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