Indian Army is a de-facto institute which inculcates nationalism, patriotism, and honest allegiance towards India. And serving in Indian Army is an epitome of individual’s commitment to serving the nation in every condition.

But, for Mohd Azmal Haque, who served in the Indian Army for 30 years and retired as a Junior Commissioned Officer in 2008, this was not the case. After serving for such a long period in Indian Army he has been asked to prove that he is an Indian and not an illegal migrant from Bangladesh.

Haque has been served a notice by a Foreigners’ Tribunal in the state, asking him to prove his citizenship as Assam Police has accused him of illegally entering Assam without any valid document after March 25, 1971.

Haque claims he was born in Kamrup district of Assam in 1968, and that his mother’s name features in the 1951 National Register of Citizens.

After receiving the legal notice from Foreigners’ Tribunal board Haque contacted his lawyer Aman Wadud who has tweeted all the documents required to prove Haque’s Indian Citizenship informing the Army Command office about the humiliation its soldier is facing.

Wadud tweeted a video in which, Haque says that he is very disappointed and has “cried a lot” at the treatment being meted out to him.

Earlier in 2012, Foreigners’ Tribunals had accused her wife of being an illegal immigrant but she was later found to be an Indian citizen.

Assam Director General of Police Mukesh Sahay has promised to look into “why the notice was served,” news agency ANI reported.
Meanwhile, the Indian Army’s Eastern Command is in contact with the soldier and has promised “necessary assistance” till the resolution of the issue.

The Indian Feed hopes that issue will get resolved soon and Haque will not face any inconvenience for long in this matter.

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