33-year-old Pakistani singer Atif Aslam stopped his concert mid-way to rescue a girl who was being harassed by some men. The incident happened at his concert on Saturday night.
The singer was performing at the Karachi Eat 2017 concert on Saturday night when he saw some hooligans harassing a girl in the front row.

source : indian express

Midway during his performance, Atif motioned his hand and asked the musicians to stop playing when he saw the girl getting harassed. He went up to them and sternly warned the boys not to harass the girl. “Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai? Tumhari maa-behen bhi ho sakti hai yahaan par (Have you never seen a girl before? Your mother or sister could have been here as well).” “Insaan ka baccha ban (act like a human being),” Atif rebuked them, before resuming the show.

Watch the video here:

The singer received much support from the crowd who is heard chanting “Atif, Atif” as he asks the bouncers to escort the girl to safety.Amidst the growing concern about the status of women’s safety all over the world, this gesture by Atif is really appreciable.

Coming from an influencer like Atif this is really commendable, as this will set a good example for the apathetic society.

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