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“I stayed in the ICU for around four months and 3 years post the surgeries, I was completely bedridden because of which I was home-schooled. I scored 90% above in both class X and XII boards. I told my parents that I don’t want to live inside the four walls of my home anymore; I deserve better. I applied to...
Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in India. It's called " Bangalir srestha utsav" means The Greatest Festival for Bangalis. And of course what place can be better than Kolkata to get a taste of Durga Puja? Isn't it? So as Durga Puja is knocking at the door, here are few things that you must know about Durga Puja...
“The prime minister did not sleep a wink all night and remained intimately involved in the operations,”- Sources on PM Modi's involvement in Balakot Air Strike Showing exemplary courage and calibre, Indian Air Force has successfully conducted Air Strikes on Jaish-e-Mohammad camps by dropping 1000 kgs bombs in Balakot destroying them in significant...
Love has no boundaries, it doesn't see gender, caste, creed or religion. Let us come together to fight for Love and the rights of the ones who dare to Love. “Yahan ishq mithha,Log mithhe,Dard bhi mithha.Yahaan suqoon mithha,Awaazein mithhi,Jung bhi mithha.”Zoyena Shams Ansari @got.a.thought
A video of a cow and four puppies went viral where the cow can be seen feeding the puppies. An onlooker, who was witnessing this unusual incident, shot it on the phone. The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh, India A mother deserves to be treated like this. She should feel loved, needed, valued....
A/c to wildlife experts, a lion or lioness who encounters unprotected leopard cub end up killing them, but it seems in this case lioness' motherly instinct has taken over. https://www.facebook.com/theindianfeed/videos/409819329843332
Relationship built over online platforms ain't so loyal. They're mostly scams. We're not at fault for believing the same because such news pieces arrive every morning in installments to uninstall our faith in love wherein people end up being betrayed in the worst possible ways by their online friends/lovers. But there are always exceptions that leave us...
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