Better Late Than Never.

It is a good step giving a hope to this nation that changes can be made, easily, and can be followed. Knowing that India is one of the countries which meets with a lot of road accidents,mainly because of rash driving and wrong-side driving.

Since we cant expect the police to keep a check everywhere, there is a better option for them. So now, those who avoid time stretch by taking the wrong side for a couple of 100 metres, you will have to pay a big deal to do that.


To avoid and completely get rid of wrong-side driving, Pune becomes the first cities to introduce and install tyre killers in Amanora Park Town.

This acts as a speed breaker for those coming on the ride direction and its sharp metal spikes scratches and sharply kills the tyre for the ones who are coming the wrong Side. To avoid any confusions and multiple-mindsets, beforehand the warnings have been put.

Though it looks like that even if the tyre just touches it, it will damage however this is not the case. Only for those who are on the wrong side will it kill the tyres.

In the beginning, lot of commuters were scared to pitch in, a video was recorded for the same and it is going to be very helpful for those who drive on the right side. One less thing to worry about.

It is also a very disturbing action as we are so away from going with the law, that authorities have to force things upon us, one way or the other.

We can just think upon it and work better on us following law in other cities and hope that it doesn’t suffer the government there.

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