Almost every time the barber completes our haircut he insists or proceeds for a neck massage and we wholeheartedly allow him to do so since it makes us feel refreshed.
When 54 years old Delhi man Ajay Kumar got the neck massage done he also felt refreshed until he reached his home.According to Mirror Now report, Ajay had gone to a local saloon for his haircut, where he also got neck massage done in which the barber “twists and cracks” the neck side by side to make us feel relaxed.

Ajay came home feeling refreshed after the massage, however, after some time he started to feel breathless. After a series of tests were conducted on him, the doctors found that the neck cracking had damaged Ajay’s phrenic nerves that control the diaphragm, which in turn regulate breathing.

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Ajay was urgently put on mechanical ventilation. Mirror Now quoted Dr. Anand Jaiswal, director of respiratory and sleep medicine at Medanta as saying “He has been put on non-invasive ventilation for breathing support and may continue to be on it”.The doctor also told that Kumar may need ventilator support all his life as these phrenic nerves rarely regenerate spontaneously.

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The neck massage and neck-crack that barbers ritually perform after a haircut can cause long-term damage to neck joints and surrounding tissues, muscles or nerves or even cause bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis like in this case.” the Doctor warned.

Looking at the case, it certainly doesn’t look a good idea to get a massage by unskilled barbers who in the process often “twist and crack” the neck and also bombard our back and skull with punches. Risking your life for some refreshing feeling is certainly not a good idea.

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