A 40-year-old woman from Nerul in Navi Mumbai named, Tasneem Mujjakkar Modak lost ₹6.98 lakh after sharing her OTP (one-time password) 28 times with a cyberfraud. Tasneem, a housewife from Darave village in Seawood received a call from a fraudster claiming to be a manager of the State Bank of India between May 17 and 23.
He told her that her debit card had been blocked due to “technical reasons”.

“He asked for her card details to unblock her debit card,” said inspector (crime) B N Auti to the Times of India. Over the course of a week, she shared her OTP 28 times and the caller swindled her of Rs 6,98,973. Police told TOI that the transactions were carried out in Mumbai, Noida, Gurugram, Kolkata and Bengaluru and that the swindler used three mobile sim cards in order to contact Modak.


“The lowest amount of transaction was of ₹4,000 and the highest ₹49,999 to a PhonePe wallet in Mumbai. In all, he made 28 transactions,” Mr. Auti said while speaking to The Hindu.
After the accused asked for the details, he further told Tasneem to delete all the messages she was receiving for the amount deduction from her bank. Later on Wednesday, she learned about the fraud when she approached the bank to update her passbook.
Tasneem, who fell for a fraudster masquerading as a bank official said that the concept of online banking was completely alien to her.


The woman lodged a complaint at Nerul police station on May 29 where an FIR has been registered against the unidentified fraudster.
The banks and the Government of India have constantly warned the residents not to share any of their bank details over the phone with anyone. Yet, this is something that keeps happening once in a while. It is important that the elderly and senior citizens follow up with their banks now and then, the facilities are always available. And, once they issue something, let’s say a debit or a credit card, should ask for full information and support from the banks regarding the same.

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It is important for us to realize that the banks don’t want to know any confidential information, nor do they call anybody for such details. It is high time that we, who are availing such facilities realize that when the Banks and the Government circulates and sends us those messages, it’s not definitely for us to ignore, but to understand the consequences if we do so.
Please do not share any private information with anybody over the phone, banks keep it confidential in the first place for a reason. They are trying hard to save our money from such people, if we disclose such information, we will be the ones at loss and not them.

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