Thousands of people gathered on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Church Street and Brigade Road in Bangalore on Saturday night to celebrate the new year. Ahead of the celebrations, security had been beefed up at Brigade Road and MG Road.

source : bangalore mirror

Around 1500 Cops were deployed. More than 60 CCTV cameras were placed. A special task force was ready for any mishap. And despite all the preparations the police force was outnumbered when drunken men in the crowd started groping and harassing women. Bangalore Mirror reports and witnesses said the crowd became unruly and began to subject women to sexual and verbal assault and harassment.

The incident has resulted into a national embarrassment for  Bengaluru as well as for the state government and its police department. But the reaction from the government officials has made things worse, triggering strong condemnation and disgust from the public. The Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara called the incident unfortunate and promised a further investigation into the cases while blaming women’s ‘western dressing’ for such incidents. He said, “[On] events like new years, there are women who are harassed or treated badly. These kinds of things do happen. They tried to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kinds of things do happen.”

Source: Bangalore mirror

Here is a facebook post that Chaitali Wasnik, one of the witnesses shared on her FB wall which clearly shows her level of anger and disgust towards the molesters.

On this fu*kin new year, some random guy tried to grope me while I was returning home from work and with so much ease he did as if he thought il not utter a word because I’m a fu*kin scared woman and he has a reason because he’s drunk and let him escape. When you can’t fu*kin handle your drink. Why do u drink? Fukat ka mila toh mu*t bhi pilega kya. Punched and kicked the fuck outta him and his balls till he couldn’t take the pain. Around 10-15 people tried to stop me. Upon that, that motherfu**er still had the guts to say” I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent” yeah bitch I was the one who tried to grope your half inch nipples. You are fu*kin innocent. No fu*kin cop came in between to stop us. Like what the fuck. Bastard ran away holding his paining dick.
You messed with a wrong woman bitch. Go home and show those scratches and marks
to your mother aur bolna north wali ladki se maar kha ke aya. Ab kabhi l*nd khada nai hoga kisiko dekh ke .I made sure this Motherfu*kin cunthead remembers this fuc*in night for the rest of his life. The only sad part of the incident was my chicken curry container got spilled. And luckily a guy returned me my biryani container. Whoever you are. Thanks, man! Meri biryani ka khayal rakhne ke liye.

Source: Bangalore mirror

According to a report by The Logical Indian, a victim said “This was my first time going out for New Years celebrations. We were a group of seven. We did not have any alcohol were standing at the entrance almost. It wasn’t that crowded even when some guy touched my breasts. I was shocked and threw the coke bottle in my hand at his face.
He ran away. My friends had not noticed this. They were angry too, but the guy had disappeared into the crowd.They then surrounded me to keep me safe.Though very upset, I decided to enjoy the countdown. But another guy groped me from behind. And when I turned, he had the audacity to smile. I chased him down and slapped him. There is no way I was letting this guy think it is OK to keep doing this. Again, my friends did not realize what happened. It all occurred in a flash of a second. We just went home after these terrible experiences.”

Photos published by the newspaper show women seeking help from the police. The newspaper report said the young women were seen running towards the cops for help, some holding their shoes in their hands as they tried to get away faster from their attackers.
Some, the report said, were weeping.

We at the Indian Feed strongly condemn the incident and hope that strict action is taken against the culprits and molesters. However, we have come across some comments by so called EDUCATED social media users like “Govt and police can’t be responsible if women call upon their own problem by drinking as late as 1:30 dressed inappropriately…. And we should protect Indian culture ” ” Its Delhi culture, people from Delhi ruining Bangalore, go back to your city”. This just shows the filthy and cheap mentality of those keyboard warriors who are trying to blame the victims and their place of origin for the mass molestation. People need to understand that it’s us who form the society and instead of playing blame games we need to change our mentality and understand the importance of consent and “NO”, so that we can make this country and the world a safer place for women.

Featured image source: Bangalore Mirror

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