Nowadays when everyone is running after high paid jobs here is one exceptional story which shows the love for the nation is above everything.Barnana Yadagiri, a graduate of Hyderabad chose Indian Army not only over high paid jobs but also left the chance to study in IIM.

Barnana is the son of a daily laborer. His father Barnana Gunnaya used to earn only Rs 100 per day working in a cement factory in Hyderabad and it’s never been easy for them. Despite all the financial barriers Barnana completed his studies from International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad and became a software engineer.

He was placed in Union Pacific Rail Road, a US-based company from his college. He also scored 93.4 percent in the CAT exam for which he got admission into IIM, Indore. It would have been a very simple choice for any other grad student but Barnana wanted to do something different. Instead, he followed his heart and decided to do something for his country.

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Barana joined Indian Army and finally became an officer passing out from the Indian Military Academy’s in Dehradun on Saturday. His parents couldn’t stop their tears of pride when they saw him getting the silver medal for standing first in the order of merit in the Technical Graduate Course in IMA. My father is a very simple man. He thought that I was getting into the Army as a soldier. In fact, he told me I was making a huge mistake by leaving a highly-paid software job to join the Army,” said Yadagiri to TOI.

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Barnana has struggled a lot to continue his studies through government scholarships. His father once earned only Rs 60 per day and his mother had to clean office tables to support him. Had it been someone else in Barnana’s place he/she might have opted for a money-oriented job but not Barnana.

He said to TOI,”I had the option of sticking to the corporate world and making a lot of money but that was not where my heart lay. The kind of mental satisfaction one gets by working for the motherland cannot be replaced by any amount of money.”

On becoming an Army officer he also said,”The basic character of hard work is already there in my genes. I will ensure that I fulfill my duties in a manner that makes the country proud by working in the defense research and development stream.”

The Indian Feed salutes Barnana Yadagiri for setting an example for the young generation. He is truly an Inspiration.

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