Nandini Sharma, who passed away in August, 2018 was a beggar and used to beg outside Ambe Mata Temple at Bajrangarh of Ajmer while alive. She used to deposit her earnings in Bank on daily basis. She had chosen two trustees who’d take care of her savings after her death.

In her will, she had clearly mentioned that her savings would be spent in the welfare of the society and nation. Her trustees couldn’t find a better opportunity than to donate all her savings to the families of Pulwama Martyrs, mentions one of the trustees Sandeep Gaur. The sum amounted to RS 6.61 lakhs.

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The trustees arrived at the collectorate office and expressed their intentions of donating the amount to the chief minister relief fund. After due procedures, the sum was accepted and they were granted a certificate, says Ajmer District Collector Vishwa Mohan Sharma.

The priest of Ambe Mata Temple fondly speaks of her recalling how the regular visitors to the temple treated her respectfully and donated her not only money but also food and clothes. Many were aware of her habit of saving money in the bank. After news of her donation did rounds, prayers have reportedly been held for her deceased soul to rest in peace.

She was rich. If not at wealth or status, then definitely at heart and deeds.

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