Amidst all those intoxicating pieces of news that challenge the very existence of ‘good’, this story certainly deserves a read. A woman in the 26th year of life marks a lump in her breasts, consults doctors and gets misdiagnosed every time.

And she finds out cancer in stage lll as per reports from Tata hospital where her boyfriend has suggested her to visit. She doesn’t give up. Not to the painful chemos, the radiotherapies, the depression accompanying medications, the scalp turning bald or the beautiful face losing its valor.

She completed her education, attended convocation, fought back and defeated every single cancer cell and is now going to get married and start her beautiful life afresh! Her boyfriend, who held her and never let her fall. Her friends and family, who stood with her. They’re the people one needs in life to be called lucky. And of course, the immense courage and enthusiasm she has shown for life, ensure that she deserves every happiness in life to come.

Here is the story shared by Being You which is winning hearts 

“I was 26 when I first noticed a lump in my breast. I went to the doctor but was misdiagnosed around four times. A year passed and my lump had grown from 2 cm to 10 cm. I went to a multi-specialty hospital and insisted on doing a test. The results were inconclusive. My boyfriend insisted on going to Tata Medical Centre.

I took the tests and returned to my life in Bangalore. One night, as my friends celebrated successful placements, I stared at my results. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Stage 3 breast cancer. The reports couldn’t be true, I thought. I was 27 years old. Breast cancer was a disease which happened to older women.

Source : Being You

“The pre-medications caused constant nausea and indigestion. The chemo itself caused my veins to burn from the inside and made my bones throb in pain. It was fifteen days after my first chemo that I noticed ten loose strands of hair on my pillow. It took five days for all my hair to fall out.

When I first looked in the mirror, I could barely recognize myself. Chemo made me feel alien in my own body. I needed to fight this, and I turned to make-up. With make-up, I could hide the unhealthy pallor of my skin, my dark circles, and wigs to go with it all! When I put my “face” on, I felt invincible. I knew if I stayed positive and happy, I could win over cancer and I could feel my tumor shrinking within me.

After finishing college, I went to Mumbai and got a chemo port inserted as my veins were burnt with the medicines by now. I started a series of twelve weekly sessions and flew back for my convocation two days later. When I climbed on the IIMB stage, everyone clapped louder than ever. After chemo, my tumor couldn’t be felt anymore. I had to go through 20 sessions of radiotherapy to destroy any stray cells. It burnt my skin black and was painful.

Today, I am cancer free but the doctors have put me on a drug called tamoxifen which has induced a five-year menopause. I cannot have a baby during this period. The drug also causes a low sex drive and depression. But I know I will win over this. I have the support of my family, friends and especially my boyfriend who has stood by me like a rock.

We are getting married in December. I can’t wait to start this new phase of my life with a man who has loved me not only at my best but also at my worst and held on at my weakest. Though some people are surprised that we are getting married but true love is about loving one’s soul!

Cancer has taught me to be patient, kind, and more empathetic, to rise above even when the world comes crashing down, to redefine ‘life’ and ‘love’.”
~ Solanki Halder | PC: Velu Vishwanath | Being You © 2017

Here’s wishing a happy married life to the gritty couple!


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