Umbrella in one hand and some delicious Biryani and kebabs in the other. As you enjoy the rain, suddenly someone blocks your way, demands money and tries to snatch your things.This is the experience, an IT professional hailing from ‘Silicon Valley Of India’ has to share with us today. And the accused is a transgender!

We are all, more or less aware of the extensive measures being taken recently to bring the transgenders to the mainstream. As some of them are achieving heights in various fields the age old perception that ‘hijras are the ones who beg money in trains and dance in social functions’ has begun to diminish (and we are hell proud of that!). But some amongst the LGBT community are still banking on the belief that ‘one shouldn’t enrage trans people for their blessings and curse come true for sure’.


At around 10 pm in the night when it was raining heavily, the techie Rukhsar currently working at an IT giant in Bangalore, was returning with her friend after getting their food parcelled. Suddenly, a transgender appeared and started asking for 10 rupees. When she denied, her purse was attacked. “Take 20 but let me go”, the techie tried to get rid of the embarassment when the transgender put hands in her purse (and later Rs. 1500/- was missing from the same). The girl gathered her courage to get back her purse as the trangender kept saying “Main dua de rahi hu”(I am putting goodwishes in your purse!). Next, her umbrella was snatched away for the trans liked it and she had to abruptly walk in rain.

Since it was raining heavily Rukhsar asked her to let her go. But, saying that she liked her umbrella the trans snatched it from her and she had to abruptly walk in rain. The girl again struggled to get her umbrella back and all these happened in the populous area Brookfield, ITPL road near Mc Donald lane.

When she reached home she realized that Rs 1500 were missing from her purse which was stolen by the trans person on the pretext of putting her well wishes in it.

You can read Rukhsar’s FB post here


Many of us must be having such bitter experiences with the LGBT people. Now that we are trying to change our perception and start respecting them, can’t we expect them to give us a reason for that? It’s high time we realise that a radical change in society can be brought about only when everybody contributes actively.

This kind of activities instead of increasing their acceptance in the society will only increase the gap. This money extortion in the form of Trans-Tax which often happens in trains or even cities like Bengaluru will certainly not help in their inclusion in the mainstream society. The administration also needs to take proper action against such kind of rackets so that people don’t feel threatened by their presence.

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