India has always remained a symbol of unity despite being a home to multiple cultures and communities.However, recently we saw a few incidents where clashes took place between the two communities on the basis of different food habits. At the same time, we also saw incidents where two communities came forward for helping each other and restored the faith in humanity and pluralism.

Source: Shia Muslims take out a Muharram procession

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Muslims of Kharagpur, West Bengal did not organize the Muharram procession this year so that they can fund their Hindu neighbor fighting with Cancer.

In Kharagpur’s Puratan Bazar, Samaj Sangha Club organizes Muharram procession every year but this year they will raise the amount needed for the celebration to fund the treatment of Abir Bhunia (35), a mobile recharge shop owner who is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. Collected money which is expected to be more than Rs 50,000 will be provided to Abir to continue his treatment.He has already been provided a help of Rs 6,000 by the community.


The patient is undergoing chemotherapy at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre in Kolkata and requires Rs 12 lakh for a treatment that also includes bone marrow transplantation.

Muharram processions can be organized every year. But we have to save the life first,” Amjad Khan, secretary of Samaj Sangha was quoted by HT as saying.

We have started raising money. On Friday, after the namaz, we will ask the imam in the mosque to announce a donation drive for Abir. We hope to raise a bigger amount than the budget for our procession,” said Khan.

Bhunia is touched by the generous act of his neighbors. “I don’t know whether I will be cured finally. But what my neighbors did for me has touched my heart,” he said.


Bhunia lost his grandmother and both parents last year and lives with his wife and both are expecting their first kid soon. Bhunia’s neighbor Ranjan Ash pointed out that there were many Durga Pujas committees in the locality, but none of them thought of cutting on their expenditures and helping the youth. “We are overwhelmed,” he added.

Mohammad Bilal, a member of the Muharram committee of Puratan Bazar was quoted by HT as saying, God would be satisfied “if we serve the people”. “He is suffering from cancer and fighting with death. We should stand by him.”

The Indian Feed applauds the beautiful gesture by the Muslims of the area for saving their neighbor and restoring faith in unity and harmony between two communities. No act can be greater than serving humanity! We hope that the message is clear for the politicians who play the politics of appeasement and hatred.


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