We are living in an era where news of horrific crimes like murder, rape and lynching covers a major portion of every day’s newspaper. Barely passes a day when such news doesn’t surface from across country.

However, sometimes we come across some incidents which restore our faith in humanity and reminds us that we can still make this world a better place with our joint efforts. Reflecting the same spirit an incident has surfaced from Bengaluru where a woman who was stuck in her drowning car was rescued by 4 brave men.


The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is receiving a heavy rainfall from last two weeks which has resulted in water logging and traffic in most of the areas. The rain is being said to be the heaviest in last 115 years. Roads have been submerged, housing societies and corporate buildings have been flooded due to this heavy downpour. Overall, the whole infrastructure of the city has been jeopardized.

In a video which is circulating across social media, a woman can be seen getting rescued from her car which is submerged in water and is floating.The woman was stuck in her car on waterlogged streets of Bengaluru.


The incident occurred on Friday night near Nayandahalli Circle on Mysuru road, where heavy downpour had led to intense waterlogging and traffic jams on the main road, and many cars were floating in the water. Here is the video of the incident

Watching the car getting submerged with its driver, four brave men jumped into the waist-deep water and rescued the woman.

Really, these brave men have made humanity proud and instead of taking pics like many other bystanders would have done in the situation they discharged their duties as responsible citizens.

h/t:- NDTV

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